Vel Scurra

The Gang Goes to Burning Man

The Queen of the Harpies does not really resemble a Harpy. Vel Scurra. Whadda you do? She is a variable fountain of knowledge however and has been able to fill us in on a lot of stuff we didn’t know about The Eight™ and other important things. Seems a good person to know and her willingness to be nice and accomadating to us with all our questions makes me wonder what the hell her deal is. I don’t think I trust her or maybe I do. I’ll get back to you on that.

So apparently The Palenthian statue in Sedgewick’s Green honors one of the original inhabitants of Vel Scurra. He is a Drachanian. That thing has to go.

The Queen tells us that the Drachs destroyed Sotus and Daprha and bled them for their power. They also culled many of the fated and then left after putting Vel Scurra back to it’s previous form. The Drachs are afraid of the punishment that the God of Fate will enact if he comes back. They are focused on making sure he does not return.

When we form an Eight our purpose is to defend the city. This is why we have been given the ability to raise our boroughs, All who raise boroughs are potential defenders of the city. Even Bug. So I guess we’ll be trying to get in touch with Bug. Ick.

We take our leave of the Harpy Queen after thanking her for her help. She will be sending Harpies out to put roosts in our boroughs as per our original purpose in coming here.

We travel to Carbahal’s tattered home to try to figure out what the lens does. It fits right in to the tripod and Carbaehal began to play with the knobs while looking at Agnes. We do not seem to be able to get it to do anything but Agnes made it spark. Apparently mouthy women make it spark. Agnes tells us that there is apparently a hatch down below Carbaahal’s home which needs to be looked at it. Wonder how she knew about that? We go down the tube and through the hatch.

There is a subterranean train system under Carbbahal’s home. Let me repeat that. There is a subterranean train system under Carbahaal’s home. It even has holographic ticket seller who is not very helpful. Apparently this is the Silver Station 5 stop. Alas, it appears you have to be a Malchovis (i.e. Drachanian) to use the subway as we were asked for a hand print. We try the dried hand that Maynard has and it looked like it was going to work but the attendant recognized the user (Dosh Terrel) but also knew he was deceased. We really need to find out who Dosh Terril is and why we have his hand

We decided to leave the subway and get some rest so we can go research this and other things (items, the lens and tripod). We sleep and wake and spend some time getting our borough reports. Off to the Great Library! Oh crap, Amelia is here.

Amelia informs us that Elias is being moved and this would be our best opportunity to rescue him. Ccarbahal is being a selfish bastard and argues that since this does not involve undead or his church then it’s no business of his. Elias is trying to organize the fated to protect us from those who seek us harm. Carbahalll prays for guidance instead of actually doing anything. We finally agree to do the right thing and rescue Elias. We leave tonight.

But first… the Great Library! Man there are a lot of arguments in the streets of Vel Scurra. We did discover while walking along that Agnes has an interesting relationship with a Pekovy and his two wives. He is apparently trying to entice her to join his little harem. What exactly does Agnes do in her spare time?

A sawhorse ran by us chased closely by some guy. Oddly enough we didn’t even think of following.

There is also a lot of screaming in Vel Scurra. We came upon a man in an alley who is screaming and gnashing about. He apparently though he was possessed by some entity. Turns out he was right. After slicing himself in the abdomen to no avail he set himself on fire and began to burn to death. As he was burning a few smokey, incorpreal birds barfed themselves out of his body and moved toward us to attack. It’s a poor state of affairs when a goblin cannot walk the streets of Vel Scurra, minding his own damn business, without being attacked by vomit. Where is the Black hand when you really need them?

Barf Birds are tough. Really tough. After a terribly damaging fight in which Agnes sat out half the battle contemplating her navel and Maynard took a nap we prevailed against three Barf Birds. These things were nasty and kept trying to force themselves upon us in a vaguely sexual way. Grief destroyed one and we contributed to the deaths of the other. Where would this group be without my sweet pet or me for that matter. Dead that’s where.

Finally, a nice quite library. We find mention of pnuematic tubes underneath Vel Scurra. Many pages are dog-eared so someone has been looking in to this. Someone in a white suit possibly? We also found more about some of our stuff. Nothing exciting.

While I hold her I am hers. While she is sheathed I am hers. She calls and I hear. She wants and I feed her. She desires and I submit. I am a god with her at my side. I am invincible. I cannot die, only kill. She is mine. I am hers. Soon, soon she will want blood and I will obey. Innocent blood. Easy blood. Innocent blood comes out of the alleys and begs for coin. Pure blood wanders the streets of the city looking for food or just a home. Innocent blood. Easy blood. She needs and I provide.

We also find that the Star of Eluthesia is a magical device that was once owned by Ethren Lindell. It is a blue gemstone and was once researched by a university professor who found it has strong conjuration magic. Blah, blah, blah.

Since Agnes won’t shut up about The Temple at the Edge of Dreams I helped look into that as well. Not much to be found but a small journal entry about the temple. We discovered fleeting mentions of The Emerald Oracle and of someone called The Crow, The temple itself lies in the burrow of death where only the candles remains are found. I deduce that the entrance to The Emerald Oracle is in the Crumbling ward, I suppose we must go there so Agnes will shut up about it. How am I supposed to run my borough with so many distractions?

But first I must keep my word and help free Elias. Maybe he can tell us what the heck is going on in this city.


Normally when people visit me they bring a gift like a Harpy Map – The Harpy Queen.

Is there something wrong with laying with a Pekovy? – A Pekovy


Just to be clear…the pages in the books were not dog-eared there were ripped out.

The Gang Goes to Burning Man
Exile Dexter

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