Vel Scurra

Minty Mint

When first asked to do this I was not sure what was mint by a log, so I had to ask my best friend Cole Lector. After a confusing talk about logs, adventure logs and other kinds of logs it was finally made clear. I am supposed to tell the story about my day on a piece of parchment. Since I don’t know how to write and Cole said it would be a bad idea if he followed me around, I decided to use my special super powers to make this log. Here we go…

I started my day slaying dragons at Antish Universe. The others said that they would meet there later in the morning. I know what that means; I am going to be waiting for a long time. My new friends the eight kees like to talk a lot, then some more, then later more of the same. So, knowing that they were likely to speak with door knobs before they left their homes, I thought slaying dragons for a few hours would be great fun.

I flew to the library where many dragons watched the Antish Green, in the spring for baby wind candles but since this is fall they look for snacks left behind by the many new students. I walked the roof looking for the right dragon; a few fled the roof, but most sniffed my bottom and went about their own business. Then I saw one, a big fat one, it rose to its hind legs and clawed the air. I could almost see fire streaming from its snout as it screamed “ warn Balk the hun…”. It hit the ground with an arrow in the head before it could swat me with its mighty tail. Then I heard “I think the Black Hand wants Mike…” another blathering beast was dead, arrow to the heart. I dropped to roof, my stomach chilled by the cold hard tiles, just as a tremendous beast with eyes of flame and the horns of a goat looked above a gable. “The Angel has chains that will…” it croaked as an arrow burst its eye and brains exploded to the tiles. I rolled down the slope of the roof, barely catching the gutter with my left hand. Several arrows fell from my quiver into the abyss between the library and the student union building. This woke the most terrible dragon of all, rising from the darkness below, a green eyed serpent of incredible girth opened wide its jaws to swallow me up. “The gate’s position is my major concern…” it bellowed almost upon me. I let go of the gutter somersaulted and aimed my bow. “But to gain access to Crim’s…”. Then it was over, pinned to the wall an arrow in each claw it tried to scream more words at me but an arrow to the throat stopped that. Then I sensed the others at Antish Station.

They did not notice me as I arrived, just stood there chatting about the girl. I waved at Tomas he waved back with a smile. They finally decided to go to the Rose Ward, and boarded the train. I decided just to fly there and headed north. When I got there, the train had still not arrived. I decided to fly ahead and meet them at the girl’s prison. Along the way I stopped to chat with a nice man hauling empty Green Sauce bottles to the Glassmakers Guild. He said that they would be crushed and made into bicycles. Not sure what he was talking about sounds very dangerous. Speaking of dangerous he was so interested in me and my life that he was paying little attention to the traffic and crashed into another wagon also loaded with bottles. There was a lot of yelling so I decided to fly on to the prison.

When I got there I flew to the back door where harpies often take deliveries. I spoke with a lovely girl named Kate and she told me all about the other humans living in the prison. She said that my girl was mostly treated well, but is apparently very unhappy. The girl gave me a buttery croissant but said she had much work to do and said goodbye. I flew to a window above, and what luck, there was my girl. She did not appear to be unhappy, a strong young human male had her pressed up against a door in a happy position. Not wanting to be rude I looked away, but then heard the voices of the others at the front door. I flew over the roof to ledge above and watched the others talking again. The green one proclaimed “I AM AN IMPORTANT MAGIC RAKE WITH OTHER MAGIC RAKES. WE WANT TO DO YOUR LAWN…”, or something like that. The green one is always so loud and angry it is hard for me to listen to him. The sick man and the little boy both chimed in with “magic rakes, yes” but did not seem as excited about talking about it. Something must have worked, because soon the girl was there and they were all talking. I have often overhead others making fun of harpies, saying that we chatter like a bunch of birds. They have not met my eight kees. The girl said we should wait for her at a bar called The Summer Branch. I started up that way when finally one of the boys called out “is Scurra there?” I waved and said “right here!”

They went into the bar and had a few drinks, and talk out their problems. I sat on the roof. Harpies are not often welcomed in eating and drinking locations, I did not even try. I sat there scanning the ward. I am still confused, this ward, much like the Black Wall did not look like this a few weeks ago. It was very worn looking before, now it is a sparkling and new. Well all except for the undead couple having tea on the balcony across the way. I wondered if I should tell the others but thought that, but it would spark another chat. A few hours later the girl arrived and they decided to head to the Spires and the Wicker Throne. How about that, they will likely need me. I did a pirouette in the air. How exciting! Then the green one said “Scurra go get Michael and meet us later.” Poop, I thought they might need me to tell them about the harpies and the Queen. No, they just want me to deliver another package. I smiled and said ok, then went to find Michael.

I took to the sky but traveled south toward the train rails, even though Michael was to the west. All harpies know that travel through the big blue of north Vel Scurra is difficult at the best of times. On my way I noticed that an attempt had been made to clean up the Green Sauce mess, but it appeared to make it worse. I flew over the stinky green mess as quickly as I could, coughing and wheezing all the while in an attempt to expel the poison from my nose and mouth.

Not far from the train station I saw a number of folks gathered around a salesman’s booth. The salesman was promoting little bags of flavor. I could smell one bag in particular. What a delightful scent. What was it called? Oh yes, Minty Mint. I kept trying to get the salesman’s attention, but the other customers a group of four rude greenboys and two tall snotty white folk kept shooing me away. I saw that I was not going to get any sweet Minty Mint anytime soon. I also saw my kees starting to catch up with me and didn’t want them to think I was being lazy. So with a sigh, I took a couple of bags of Minty Mint and started to fly away. The small group of customers had just then started to move away. Feeling a bit guilty about taking the Minty Mint, I used my powers to let the salesman know that my green kee would pay for it when he came by. I then slipped a lovely bag into my mouth and flew on.

I raced along the railway as quickly as I could, making only minor flight corrections as Michael moved more southward. I waved at the people on a train as I flew by a pacovi skitter waved back. I then shot upward and around a large set of chains connected to borough floating above. I had to reach out to my family to learn more about the place. The New Temple of Fate. I sped upwards above its streets and glanced at the glowing temple. It is very pretty. I could see lots of strangely dressed folk searching the streets and could sense powers like my own being used. Something about the place made me feel very uncomfortable. I decided to head closer to the more familiar floating tomb. Light sparkled off its golden tip as I grabbed its apex and used it to pivot me in the correct direction.

It was not long before I found Michael he was doing some shopping in the Great Market. I think I surprised him because he jumped when I touched his shoulder. “The others want you to meet them at the Wicker Throne, as soon as you can.” I told him. “The Wicker Throne, hmmm, OK. Thank you Scurra I will head there shortly.” He shooed me away, then stood there waving at me. I hovered there waving at him. After a bit of waving he frowned and said “goodbye Scurra, the others likely need your help at the Wicker Throne.” He was right, so I launched myself eastward.

I flew really high, taking in the entire city. It is beautiful and peaceful way up here. I could see the new boroughs of my kees blossoming below as well as many others. I find it incredibly difficult to understand what is going on in the city, why the rise of all these new boroughs, why do I have these new powers and why do so many others also have them. The others seem so focused and know what is to be done. I feel like I should flee. Something has awakened in Vel Scurra, I sense it watching. What does it want?

Before I knew it I was hovering around the Dome of the Wicker Throne. I could hear the voice of my Queen “You may enter little one “I flew in through one of the broken glass panels. Once inside I noticed that everyone was chatting again and they had apparently infected my Queen. So as they all went”blaw blaw blaw” I rested on a perch by the window popped a new Minty Mint bag in my mouth and thought about slaying dragons.


OK. Best. Adventure Log. Ever.

We now know a few things:
- most of our encounters while walking the streets of Vel Scurra are due to Scurra
Harpies are viscous little beasts when no one is looking
- Undead drink tea
That floating borough is going to be a real problem

I now have a few questions:
- Are Harpies Akashics? It kind of sounds like it.
Who is Cole Lector?
- Did Scurra use a permanent fate ability to write this journal?
What was Michael buying at The Great Market and why was he so jumpy?

A couple of stray observations and thoughts:
- I like Magic Rake better than Magistrate and I may start using it as a title
I am not always loud and angry. I am often whimsical and quirky
— Did anyone else see the word “knee” instead of “kee” in this log? It really changes the meaning

Great log Russ.

Minty Mint

I have no idea why some of those lines are crossed out. Please ignore the crossing out.

Minty Mint

Another observation:
The dragons last words before Scurra killed them don’t seem random at all…

Minty Mint

How bad are our Perception roles that we missed all of that! Great log Russ. And yes…Magic Rakes is the new term.

Minty Mint
Exile Exile

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