Vel Scurra

8/17/2010 - Oh, no, they stole Agnes... You Bastards!

Life in Vel Scurra is never dull. Ever since I found out that I was from Morelance, and found that Morals Balance has a connection to Morlance, I ’ve been eager to check out that part of the city. I convinced my companions to go with me to check it out.

But of course, this is Vel Scurra. Getting to Morals Balance was going to be an adventure itself. As we headed towards Morals Balance, we heard a loud rumble, and the ground opened up in front of us. Agnes and I fell into what appeared to be an abandoned sewer. We were startled, but unharmed. Once the dust settled, we heard a screaming and grinding noise coming from one of the sewer tunnels. As we looked down the tunnel, we saw a large black mass of writhing tentacles rapidly approaching us.

Scurra flew down to help and cringed with disgust when she saw the mass. I moved in to blast it with my newly discovered elemental powers, but I got too close. The black mass had a pink tongue that lashed out and wrapped itself around me, drawing me into the black mass. I tried to break free, but I could not.

The black mass continued to squeeze me, and I could not break free. I could feel my bones cracking, and it seemed like my life was being squeezed out of me. A few seconds later, I saw magical force waves ripple through it’s body, and it dropped me to the flor. I checked myself over, and I was alive but severely injured. Dexter and his creepy pet had come down the hole, and Michael was obviously in battle, because he was covered in spikes.

Dexter opened the malcavas box he found in the dump, and it seemed to have healed Agnes a small amount. Dexter opened the box towards me, and also healed me. For some reason, Dexter tried to heal me and Agnes again, but we both were damaged by the box. We implored to Dexter to please stop playing with the box, and he reluctantly agreed.

Dexter and Agnes argued about whether to explore the sewer. Dexter wanted to continue, but Agnes wanted to climb back out. I was the tiebreaking vote, and I decided we should investigate. We went down to the end of the tunnel and found a ladder leading up to a manhole. We also found a door that looks like it leads to a Malcavas vault. The door has a circular symbol with a V in the middle. On closer inspection, we noticed that the V has a crack on one side. I looked into the crack while wearing my goggles, and it looks like it might have mercurial in the lock.

Michael marked the malcavas vault on the map, and we got out of the sewers via the manhole.

As we entered Morals Balance, the temperature dropped slightly. On many of the buildings, we saw symbols and crystals hanging and clinking together. Trash was lying in the street, as if the dustbin brotherhood hadn’t been here in a while. Dexter’s pet and Agnes’s dog both seemed a bit ill at ease.

As we approached a market place, we noticed that didn’t appear to be very busy. In the middle of the market was a fountain with a black angel blowing a trumpet. Many of the businesses had strange titles: Embalming and body preparation. Graveviews and Arrangements. We also noticed that there was a lot of creepy puppies that watched me everywhere we went.

In the market, we ran into a man with a monkey on his shoulder. The monkey jumped down and did a curtsy in front of Agnes. Vassili is the monkey’s salesman. The monkey’s name was Bianca. He tried to tell us Bianca, but we refused.

One of the puppies smiled and winked at me, so I went up to pet it. As I pet it, it rolls over onto it’s belly and uncurled it’s paws and revealed tiny little human looking fingers. I tried to show the others, but as usual, they think I’m doing drugs again. As soon as Dexter came up, the fingers curled up and it just looked like paws.

We went to talk to a talisman vendor that tried selling us protective talisman. They were obviously not magic, so I doubted their effectiveness.

Suddenly out of nowhere, red sparks filled the air. The sky opened and three men walked out and pointed at me: “There is the blooded one.” A battle insued, and we killed the three men, Dexter took the dagger, and we ran out of morals balance as fast as we could.

As we were leaving the area, we saw a mechanical spider of the black hand heading towards where the battle took place. As soon as we were out of Morals Balance, Agnes realized that someone was using fated abilities to do something in her bourough. Michael suggested that she use the map and her fated ability to scrye on Saffron’s whiskers. While scrying, Agnes saw a huge cockroach lay eggs on the outside of her house.

We rushed back to the train station and ran into a little boy that needed help. Dexter threw him a gold piece, and we took off.

As we arrived at the train station, Dexter won free travel on the train for being the 150th customer that day. The rest of us paid a gold piece.

After we left the train station, We were followed by a crowd that recognized me from when the angel attacked the train station. It would appear that I have a fan club. One of the members of the group is a beautiful woman named Giselle, and she is a blue lady. I convince Giselle to join me and to help me set up a brothel.

We made it to Agnes’ house to kill the cockroaches, and we successfully killed the cockroaches. The bug appeared to not like that because he dumped lots of bugs on us from the sky. They quickly dissipated.

Dexter wanted to claim his part of Vel Scurra, so we were heading to Anish Station. In the street, a prison chain gang was tearing up the street, one of the prisoners called out my name, I found out his name was Yoseph Martini, and he is at Beddington prison. At some point I should go talk to him and found out how he knows me. The Black Hand wouldn’t let me talk to him.

As we made around the corner, The black hand descends in two mechanical spiders and demands Agnes. We reluctantly give Agnes to the Black Hand and they leave.

We reluctantly head to a section of Vel Scurra that Dexter would like to claim as his own and he claimed it.

If life in Vel Scurra stays this hectic, I might need to go back to Morelance to rest…


Exile byronhicks

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