Vel Scurra

July 24, 2011 - Dexter Finds His Marbles


Attending: Amy, Byron, Jim and Jeff

In the Beginning:
We begin in the village of the dump while waiting for audience with the Velomancer.

The Game:
This is one paranoid Velomancer. Once again we are required to expend our fates in order to enter the tower. Cearbhall actually came up with a good idea and used his to summon his lens to his hands. I used a few of mine to attempt to find something of value here among the refuse. I found a large, finely made coffee machine. More about that later. I also used a couple to discover where the other two items are.

We are finally allowed in to the Velomancer’s tower and the transaction is completed quickly and easily. I have the marbles, two things to go.

After a quick trip back home where we find Scruffy Manor in the same shape we left it we rest and recuperate. We do find Lily in fine form with a see through garment. This cannot be unseen and will be in my nightmares until my sould goes to it’s final torment in the hells. That will be a relief.

While we are resting Lourem arrives with his new “house”. Apparently he made “friends” with some old fellow who promptly died and left him an airship. Let me say that again… a FREAKING AIRSHIP! He also summoned an elemental to protect the baby we rescued in the cardboard district. That is one safe baby.

I really needed to stop by my apartment and check in with my plant. He has grown. A lot. It appears that there is something nasty coming to hurt us and it is our job to protect Vel Scurra. We are to claim boroughs and build our power. I like power so I’m all in. On to the Library!

While heading to the library we came across a gentleman who claims he was once a priest of Solchen. He also says that Solchen is dead and the church is being run by an evil being named Dialos. He also babbled about vampires and such so he’s obviously batty. Get it…. batty?

When we got to the library we came upon a bunch of human children who were on a field trip. They surrounded me and wanted me to do some “goblin stuff”. I narrowed it down to a belch or a fart. I chose belch and the teacher STILL looked at me disapprovingly! There is no pleasing some people. Next time I fart!

We learn of many new powers of our items and continue on our way. Agnes seems determined to claim her borough so we go do that. She names her borough “Saffron’s Whiskers” and forms a nice, boring home. I’m sorry, did I say “boring”? I meant lovely.

Cearbhall is on a mission to bind some chick who stole a useless coin from him weeks ago. Man this guy has an overdeveloped sense of vengeance. We find the tattooed lady he is after and binds her. This binding thing might be pretty cool as the lady is willing to do just about anything for him. I need to find a rich merchant’s daughter.


I would like to make sure we don’t forget that the guy who was preaching, about Solchen, was assassinated when we walked back past him on way from the library. Perhaps not so batty afterall?!


I’m sorry, Dexter, not all of us can fit inside a garbage can to make it a home. I’ll take boring over smelly.


Also, the world opened up and swallowed Agnes, Cearbhall and Thomas. Dibs on Agnes’ furniture.


Hey Cearbhall didn’t get swallowed up, I made my save!


Not Cearbhall apparently. All humans look the same. The only way I can tell Cearbahll apart from the others is that they actually do damage to enemies every once in a while.


Maynard got swallowed. (Boy, that could be misinterpreted…)

Exile Dexter

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