Vel Scurra

The Gang Goes to Burning Man

The Queen of the Harpies does not really resemble a Harpy. Vel Scurra. Whadda you do? She is a variable fountain of knowledge however and has been able to fill us in on a lot of stuff we didn’t know about The Eight™ and other important things. Seems a good person to know and her willingness to be nice and accomadating to us with all our questions makes me wonder what the hell her deal is. I don’t think I trust her or maybe I do. I’ll get back to you on that.

So apparently The Palenthian statue in Sedgewick’s Green honors one of the original inhabitants of Vel Scurra. He is a Drachanian. That thing has to go.

The Queen tells us that the Drachs destroyed Sotus and Daprha and bled them for their power. They also culled many of the fated and then left after putting Vel Scurra back to it’s previous form. The Drachs are afraid of the punishment that the God of Fate will enact if he comes back. They are focused on making sure he does not return.

When we form an Eight our purpose is to defend the city. This is why we have been given the ability to raise our boroughs, All who raise boroughs are potential defenders of the city. Even Bug. So I guess we’ll be trying to get in touch with Bug. Ick.

We take our leave of the Harpy Queen after thanking her for her help. She will be sending Harpies out to put roosts in our boroughs as per our original purpose in coming here.

We travel to Carbahal’s tattered home to try to figure out what the lens does. It fits right in to the tripod and Carbaehal began to play with the knobs while looking at Agnes. We do not seem to be able to get it to do anything but Agnes made it spark. Apparently mouthy women make it spark. Agnes tells us that there is apparently a hatch down below Carbaahal’s home which needs to be looked at it. Wonder how she knew about that? We go down the tube and through the hatch.

There is a subterranean train system under Carbbahal’s home. Let me repeat that. There is a subterranean train system under Carbahaal’s home. It even has holographic ticket seller who is not very helpful. Apparently this is the Silver Station 5 stop. Alas, it appears you have to be a Malchovis (i.e. Drachanian) to use the subway as we were asked for a hand print. We try the dried hand that Maynard has and it looked like it was going to work but the attendant recognized the user (Dosh Terrel) but also knew he was deceased. We really need to find out who Dosh Terril is and why we have his hand

We decided to leave the subway and get some rest so we can go research this and other things (items, the lens and tripod). We sleep and wake and spend some time getting our borough reports. Off to the Great Library! Oh crap, Amelia is here.

Amelia informs us that Elias is being moved and this would be our best opportunity to rescue him. Ccarbahal is being a selfish bastard and argues that since this does not involve undead or his church then it’s no business of his. Elias is trying to organize the fated to protect us from those who seek us harm. Carbahalll prays for guidance instead of actually doing anything. We finally agree to do the right thing and rescue Elias. We leave tonight.

But first… the Great Library! Man there are a lot of arguments in the streets of Vel Scurra. We did discover while walking along that Agnes has an interesting relationship with a Pekovy and his two wives. He is apparently trying to entice her to join his little harem. What exactly does Agnes do in her spare time?

A sawhorse ran by us chased closely by some guy. Oddly enough we didn’t even think of following.

There is also a lot of screaming in Vel Scurra. We came upon a man in an alley who is screaming and gnashing about. He apparently though he was possessed by some entity. Turns out he was right. After slicing himself in the abdomen to no avail he set himself on fire and began to burn to death. As he was burning a few smokey, incorpreal birds barfed themselves out of his body and moved toward us to attack. It’s a poor state of affairs when a goblin cannot walk the streets of Vel Scurra, minding his own damn business, without being attacked by vomit. Where is the Black hand when you really need them?

Barf Birds are tough. Really tough. After a terribly damaging fight in which Agnes sat out half the battle contemplating her navel and Maynard took a nap we prevailed against three Barf Birds. These things were nasty and kept trying to force themselves upon us in a vaguely sexual way. Grief destroyed one and we contributed to the deaths of the other. Where would this group be without my sweet pet or me for that matter. Dead that’s where.

Finally, a nice quite library. We find mention of pnuematic tubes underneath Vel Scurra. Many pages are dog-eared so someone has been looking in to this. Someone in a white suit possibly? We also found more about some of our stuff. Nothing exciting.

While I hold her I am hers. While she is sheathed I am hers. She calls and I hear. She wants and I feed her. She desires and I submit. I am a god with her at my side. I am invincible. I cannot die, only kill. She is mine. I am hers. Soon, soon she will want blood and I will obey. Innocent blood. Easy blood. Innocent blood comes out of the alleys and begs for coin. Pure blood wanders the streets of the city looking for food or just a home. Innocent blood. Easy blood. She needs and I provide.

We also find that the Star of Eluthesia is a magical device that was once owned by Ethren Lindell. It is a blue gemstone and was once researched by a university professor who found it has strong conjuration magic. Blah, blah, blah.

Since Agnes won’t shut up about The Temple at the Edge of Dreams I helped look into that as well. Not much to be found but a small journal entry about the temple. We discovered fleeting mentions of The Emerald Oracle and of someone called The Crow, The temple itself lies in the burrow of death where only the candles remains are found. I deduce that the entrance to The Emerald Oracle is in the Crumbling ward, I suppose we must go there so Agnes will shut up about it. How am I supposed to run my borough with so many distractions?

But first I must keep my word and help free Elias. Maybe he can tell us what the heck is going on in this city.


Normally when people visit me they bring a gift like a Harpy Map – The Harpy Queen.

Is there something wrong with laying with a Pekovy? – A Pekovy

Minty Mint

When first asked to do this I was not sure what was mint by a log, so I had to ask my best friend Cole Lector. After a confusing talk about logs, adventure logs and other kinds of logs it was finally made clear. I am supposed to tell the story about my day on a piece of parchment. Since I don’t know how to write and Cole said it would be a bad idea if he followed me around, I decided to use my special super powers to make this log. Here we go…

I started my day slaying dragons at Antish Universe. The others said that they would meet there later in the morning. I know what that means; I am going to be waiting for a long time. My new friends the eight kees like to talk a lot, then some more, then later more of the same. So, knowing that they were likely to speak with door knobs before they left their homes, I thought slaying dragons for a few hours would be great fun.

I flew to the library where many dragons watched the Antish Green, in the spring for baby wind candles but since this is fall they look for snacks left behind by the many new students. I walked the roof looking for the right dragon; a few fled the roof, but most sniffed my bottom and went about their own business. Then I saw one, a big fat one, it rose to its hind legs and clawed the air. I could almost see fire streaming from its snout as it screamed “ warn Balk the hun…”. It hit the ground with an arrow in the head before it could swat me with its mighty tail. Then I heard “I think the Black Hand wants Mike…” another blathering beast was dead, arrow to the heart. I dropped to roof, my stomach chilled by the cold hard tiles, just as a tremendous beast with eyes of flame and the horns of a goat looked above a gable. “The Angel has chains that will…” it croaked as an arrow burst its eye and brains exploded to the tiles. I rolled down the slope of the roof, barely catching the gutter with my left hand. Several arrows fell from my quiver into the abyss between the library and the student union building. This woke the most terrible dragon of all, rising from the darkness below, a green eyed serpent of incredible girth opened wide its jaws to swallow me up. “The gate’s position is my major concern…” it bellowed almost upon me. I let go of the gutter somersaulted and aimed my bow. “But to gain access to Crim’s…”. Then it was over, pinned to the wall an arrow in each claw it tried to scream more words at me but an arrow to the throat stopped that. Then I sensed the others at Antish Station.

They did not notice me as I arrived, just stood there chatting about the girl. I waved at Tomas he waved back with a smile. They finally decided to go to the Rose Ward, and boarded the train. I decided just to fly there and headed north. When I got there, the train had still not arrived. I decided to fly ahead and meet them at the girl’s prison. Along the way I stopped to chat with a nice man hauling empty Green Sauce bottles to the Glassmakers Guild. He said that they would be crushed and made into bicycles. Not sure what he was talking about sounds very dangerous. Speaking of dangerous he was so interested in me and my life that he was paying little attention to the traffic and crashed into another wagon also loaded with bottles. There was a lot of yelling so I decided to fly on to the prison.

When I got there I flew to the back door where harpies often take deliveries. I spoke with a lovely girl named Kate and she told me all about the other humans living in the prison. She said that my girl was mostly treated well, but is apparently very unhappy. The girl gave me a buttery croissant but said she had much work to do and said goodbye. I flew to a window above, and what luck, there was my girl. She did not appear to be unhappy, a strong young human male had her pressed up against a door in a happy position. Not wanting to be rude I looked away, but then heard the voices of the others at the front door. I flew over the roof to ledge above and watched the others talking again. The green one proclaimed “I AM AN IMPORTANT MAGIC RAKE WITH OTHER MAGIC RAKES. WE WANT TO DO YOUR LAWN…”, or something like that. The green one is always so loud and angry it is hard for me to listen to him. The sick man and the little boy both chimed in with “magic rakes, yes” but did not seem as excited about talking about it. Something must have worked, because soon the girl was there and they were all talking. I have often overhead others making fun of harpies, saying that we chatter like a bunch of birds. They have not met my eight kees. The girl said we should wait for her at a bar called The Summer Branch. I started up that way when finally one of the boys called out “is Scurra there?” I waved and said “right here!”

They went into the bar and had a few drinks, and talk out their problems. I sat on the roof. Harpies are not often welcomed in eating and drinking locations, I did not even try. I sat there scanning the ward. I am still confused, this ward, much like the Black Wall did not look like this a few weeks ago. It was very worn looking before, now it is a sparkling and new. Well all except for the undead couple having tea on the balcony across the way. I wondered if I should tell the others but thought that, but it would spark another chat. A few hours later the girl arrived and they decided to head to the Spires and the Wicker Throne. How about that, they will likely need me. I did a pirouette in the air. How exciting! Then the green one said “Scurra go get Michael and meet us later.” Poop, I thought they might need me to tell them about the harpies and the Queen. No, they just want me to deliver another package. I smiled and said ok, then went to find Michael.

I took to the sky but traveled south toward the train rails, even though Michael was to the west. All harpies know that travel through the big blue of north Vel Scurra is difficult at the best of times. On my way I noticed that an attempt had been made to clean up the Green Sauce mess, but it appeared to make it worse. I flew over the stinky green mess as quickly as I could, coughing and wheezing all the while in an attempt to expel the poison from my nose and mouth.

Not far from the train station I saw a number of folks gathered around a salesman’s booth. The salesman was promoting little bags of flavor. I could smell one bag in particular. What a delightful scent. What was it called? Oh yes, Minty Mint. I kept trying to get the salesman’s attention, but the other customers a group of four rude greenboys and two tall snotty white folk kept shooing me away. I saw that I was not going to get any sweet Minty Mint anytime soon. I also saw my kees starting to catch up with me and didn’t want them to think I was being lazy. So with a sigh, I took a couple of bags of Minty Mint and started to fly away. The small group of customers had just then started to move away. Feeling a bit guilty about taking the Minty Mint, I used my powers to let the salesman know that my green kee would pay for it when he came by. I then slipped a lovely bag into my mouth and flew on.

I raced along the railway as quickly as I could, making only minor flight corrections as Michael moved more southward. I waved at the people on a train as I flew by a pacovi skitter waved back. I then shot upward and around a large set of chains connected to borough floating above. I had to reach out to my family to learn more about the place. The New Temple of Fate. I sped upwards above its streets and glanced at the glowing temple. It is very pretty. I could see lots of strangely dressed folk searching the streets and could sense powers like my own being used. Something about the place made me feel very uncomfortable. I decided to head closer to the more familiar floating tomb. Light sparkled off its golden tip as I grabbed its apex and used it to pivot me in the correct direction.

It was not long before I found Michael he was doing some shopping in the Great Market. I think I surprised him because he jumped when I touched his shoulder. “The others want you to meet them at the Wicker Throne, as soon as you can.” I told him. “The Wicker Throne, hmmm, OK. Thank you Scurra I will head there shortly.” He shooed me away, then stood there waving at me. I hovered there waving at him. After a bit of waving he frowned and said “goodbye Scurra, the others likely need your help at the Wicker Throne.” He was right, so I launched myself eastward.

I flew really high, taking in the entire city. It is beautiful and peaceful way up here. I could see the new boroughs of my kees blossoming below as well as many others. I find it incredibly difficult to understand what is going on in the city, why the rise of all these new boroughs, why do I have these new powers and why do so many others also have them. The others seem so focused and know what is to be done. I feel like I should flee. Something has awakened in Vel Scurra, I sense it watching. What does it want?

Before I knew it I was hovering around the Dome of the Wicker Throne. I could hear the voice of my Queen “You may enter little one “I flew in through one of the broken glass panels. Once inside I noticed that everyone was chatting again and they had apparently infected my Queen. So as they all went”blaw blaw blaw” I rested on a perch by the window popped a new Minty Mint bag in my mouth and thought about slaying dragons.

Bastards, Bitches and Creeps

It really irritates me sitting in a jail being questioned by the Black Hand when I’ve done nothing and they are the ones that killed my father! That’s Vel Scurra justice for you. After hours of confusing questions, getting absolutely nowhere, the commander finally takes a break and lets us rest. Bastard.

In my cell I’m surprised to see Michael walk in. He sure is turning out to be very handy to have around. In Black Hand garb he gets all of us out of there with no problems. Off we go to Birner Station to see Dexter where apparently there is some kind of portal back to “our” Vel Scurra. The Vel Scurra where Dexter isn’t a murdering bastard. Oh wait, he’s always been a murdering bastard. Before we step through, though, Michael starts saying some stuff about how he and I might not be there after we go through and how I’m not really me. It all makes little sense but that is not unusual as of late. We need to escape before the Black Hand figure out they were duped so we step through without too much thought.

I hear the clock chime 8:00 shortly followed by some clanking sounds as a tray of food is shoved into my cell. Yummy. Being wrongfully imprisoned has some perks it seems. One of the Black Hand idiots then comes to escort me to Lady Moorhead. It wasn’t the warmest reunion. Back at her house, I question her creepy lawyer, Mr. Yager, about this supposed debt my father has to the Moorhead family. He tells me the debt is for 8,000 gold for “services rendered”. Oh my gods. I’m only making 1 gold a week so they want me to serve here for the rest of my life!

I was at least able to get some form of proof out of the greasy creep. He showed me papers, signed by my father, for the money loaned.
Star of Eleuthisa 4,000 gold
Temple at the Edge of Dreams 2,000 gold
The souls of those who despair 2,000 gold
Looks like the money came from Connor Moorhead. The last one also referenced someone named Krede Lesna who sold the “souls” or whatever. This all sounds very suspicious. I had no idea my father had such a huge debt let alone working for any kind of religious organizations. Especially ones with super creepy names. Oh well, have to get to work since there is no more information I can glean out of this.

I was worried about Saffron’s Whiskers, what with the recent cockroach infestation and me being confined here. I was thinking about Ajax and how I wish he could help me and lo and behold he showed up! The strangest thing took place then as I felt our bond somehow grow very strong and I could even hear his thoughts! I was able then to communicate to him that I wanted him to go protect and explore my borough. Very cool!

Just another day, maiding it up. This wasn’t all that fun before, but now that I’ve had the taste of adventure it reeeeallly sucks. What I wouldn’t give to swing my sword into some hideous monster, preferably with a face like Mr. Yager. I heard from the other help that apparently the Black Hand have been bothering Lady Moorhead and even threatening her. Hmmm, maybe she isn’t the rich evil bitch in this situation.

I tried to go talk to Mr. Yager to see if I could get any more information but when I touched the handle to his door it turned into a serpent and struck at me! This guy is definitely not what he seems. Somehow he became even creepier than he already was. He did talk to me a bit, making threats as he leered down his greasy nose. Later I overheard him talking to a stern lady, having something to do with me. I was caught eavesdropping and had to miss the conversation.

Just to make my employment/slavery here even more atrocious I walked into the bathroom and there was a naked man there! When I left the room in shock he had the nerve to follow me out bold as you please then walk into my Lady’s bedchamber. Well, it looks like Lady Moorhead is doing more with her time than making herself look pretty.

Lost in the streets of the city or have you ever been to Vel Scurra?

Vel Scurra Notes for the game on 8-14-2011

Lost in the streets of the city or have you ever been to Vel Scurra?

Her face floats above me, I reach out my hand to caress that ageless face and my hand passes through her. For I cannot touch her, she is beyond my reach…for now.
I awakened in this strange place that seems to be Dexter’s. I do not understand these places and what is asked of us but Laval will reveal her plan I have no doubt. Next to me lays the woman I called into service to great goddess. Ivanna, she is a strange creature covered in tattoos but she has answered the call and thus I will make use of her talents. Now, if I only knew where that would be, All living things come to Laval and so I too will be patient.

Michael the priest of Folchan leaves to see if he could find Agnes. We no choice but to let him go alone as we did not have any way to help her. Perhaps he can. Strange this loyalty he has to her. I am not sure what to make of it.

Soon Dexter was there trying to get Maynard or anyone to use that damn box again. For something that we truly do not understand he seems to really like that foul contraption. No one allows the goblin to use the device, and this seems to disappoint Dexter. I am not sure if he wanted to help, or wanted to see what the box would do. I am frankly not sure if he even cared, just wanted to watch it do its thing.

We decided to head north to an area not far from the Black Hands fortress. Maynard said that was called there. While we were on our way, the dog I think its name is Ajax wondered off down an alley. Some of the others tried to stop it, I am not sure why, it can make its own decisions. I guess it wanted to save Agnes as well, what is it with this girl?
We walked north toward the train, as we headed up the street a group of Knights of Atarauk (the god of war) pass us on the street. They made an impressive site as they marched up the street. Will they soon be sending the enemies of their god into my god embrace? Do they in a strange way sacrifice to Laval in with their deadly swords? More importantly are the gods trying to tell us something?

We took the train north to the Blackwall. The rebuilt wall stood like a cliff face to the north. How was it rebuilt in a day…no, during one night some say. Were the Dracineians but an illusion a collective dream? For this massive wall could not be rebuilt in a day…in a year even. What is the power of these strange beings who came to the city? How can we possible be at war with them? Is that the illusion?
The Fortress at the Blackwall is so large that it is hard to comprehend its size. The entire thing was surrounded with cannons that ringed the great structure. I noticed that there were several cannons that faced into the town as well as those that faced out over the wall. There were steam devices and masked members of the Blackhand moving all around in front of the giant square door way into the Fortress itself. All in all, it was quite impressive show. Of course it meant nothing to the Dracineians for they destroyed it like it was just a toy. But what happened to make it appear, for surely that it is what it did, in one night?

We headed towards the southeast away from whatever the Fortress is. For some reason we seem to attracting packs of animals this day, as a dozen cats came out of an alleyway and started to push up against us. I petted one as we continued on our way. What is it with the animals? Has one of us acquired a smell that they find irresistible?
Shortly we find ourselves in front of a two story building that is certainly of the type I have never been in, but Maynard enters the place like he owns it. Again, we have come to a place that one of us has been called to. This time Maynard has been called to own a brothel. I am not sure what to make of this. He and Giselle seem to be at home. Maynard seems to be very happy, I hope he knows what he is doing. Maynard with a strange look on his face turns to us and says welcome to Magrathea! Apparently he has claimed this burrow, Magrathea, and set up Giselle as the new madam in this place. Maynard seems quite happy about things until he gets a strange look on his face and he wonders upstairs by himself bidding us to remain below.

And so all of my friends have been called by the gods to claim a part of the city as their own. In each of them they seem to find a place that is ready for them, waiting, as if there there is a greater plan. But one we do not see yet. I serve Laval and all the living come into her embrace eventually and so too will I. I will be patient and I will wait. But there suddenly is a tug at my very soul. Something, no somewhere far off to the south of the city, by the water…it tugs at me and I must go. So even this servant of Laval has been called to claim a part of this ancient city. Been called to do what though?

A few minutes later Maynard comes back down stairs and tells us he talked to “Bob” through a door knob. There are many strange things in Vel Scurra but the fact that Maynard, thinks he can talk with buildings is among the most strange. Or should I say he talks with the same entity that “possess” buildings. Is there really such a creature or is this an illusion brought on by his drug addled mind? I am not healer and I don’t want to even venture a guess.

He tells us that “Bob” said that Agnes is in something called the Fate Plotting Chamber and Bob was watching her until he felt that the Blackhand saw him watching them and he got cut off. Then the Blackhand had started to try and track him down, which Bob thought was kind of funny and he left. I don’t know what Bob is, or even if he is, but I would tell him not to underestimate the Blackhand. Unless Bob is something that the Dracineians left behind, in which case…

_Notes from manuscript A:

Agnes gets gassed in a chamber in the steam-spider.
She has a dream of riding a horse in a meadow.
Dexter rides a horse the other way.
She sees the rest of her companions across the meadow.
From the edge of the meadow Ajax comes out
“Hi” the dog says.
“How are you talking?”, they both ask.
Agnes asks if Ajax has something to tell her, he says no…he is going to sing. The dog starts singing a little song.
Two squirrels who are standing there suddenly look at each other, "careful, careful on the table –good”
Ajax brought a picnic basket, makes tea, and is super polite to her.
Someone somewhere says, “everything seems to going as planned.”
“Nothing to worry about, MS. Moorhead was just a little over zealous”
Ajax continues to sings a strange song.
Squirrel 1 says, “Should we sever this one?”
Squirrel 2 replies, “No I think it is ok”
“Will he show up? We will have to question him too”
“Yes ok. Yes he will show up.”
“Let’s put her in recovery”
The “dream” fades - Ajax turns into a mechanical clockwork thing. That starts to cover her up in something.
When she wakes up and finds Ms. Lady Moorhead there in what looks to be a hospital, sitting next to her.
“Are you ok?” “What have you been doing?” “Have you quit?” the questions come fast.
Lady Moorhead then goes on to explain to Agnes that she “owns” her as her father was severely in debt and Lady Moorhead out of the kindness of her heart has paid that debt and taken Agnes under wing. Agnes is not too happy about that. But Lady Moorhead says she will act with decorum and will deal with you later, she leaves.
Soon afterwards Michael comes in and tells her that Lady Moorhead is lying and that he will try to get her out of there._


We head back to the train station near the Fortress, leaving Giselle behind in her new home.
As we walk across the giant open plaza Dexter slows down and gets this weird expression on his face. He stands there for a moment with his head cocked to one side listening to something only he could hear. Suddenly, he returns to himself and yells out “Infernal!”
At just that moment, the air crackles and this women is suddenly standing in front of me. She holding long wicket weapons and she attacks me. By Grace of my Goddess and prowess of my companions I survived the battle. I had to draw on the powers that Laval has granted me and those that bind us to each other to survive. As I did so, I could feel someone, somewhere using a similar power to combat me. End the though, I was stronger.

This creature, woman thing, only attacked me and did not seem to be hurt my normal weapons until Scurra, may Laval bless her, shot the creature with something that seemed to allow the normal weapons to damage it. My weapon of course, being as I am but an instrument of my Goddess, had no trouble with its defenses and dealt considerable damage to the Infernal creature. It was Thomas though, who struck the final blow, with the final shot of his crossbow the creature exploded around us.
I was furious after the creatures dust settled to the ground. Yet again another assassination attempt on my life. Yet again my friends have saved me. Who hired this thing? I resolve that I must put a stop to this before one of my friends gets seriously hurt or killed. I must know whom I should send to meet my Goddess, for if I am true servant of my Goddess, he who raises their hand against me is these blundering attempts is an enemy of my faith.
Dexter pulls out Agnes’ map and using his power finds out that someone near the exchange, near where that lawyer’s offices are was the person who was contesting with me. [Phineas Valk.] Seeing that I am injured Dexter puts the map away and pulls out his box, “Anyone want to be healed?” I politely refuse.

We take the train south to Berner Station and head through the Brunt. It is this place to the south were the sea and Land meet I am pulled. As we head south a Fog sets in and suddenly everything seems to shift. Agnes and Michael are standing with us and even Ajax is there. We stare at them in surprise as four steam jacks move up the street. Dexter takes out the map again and seems to looking for something in it. Both he and Maynard seem to be upset by something. Agnes seems to have no memory of what happened. In fact it seems that for her it is the day before, before she was taken. Have we slipped in Time? Is that even possible?

We decide that there is not much we can do and we continue to head south towards…my burrow. We make it to Final Rest (and Journeys End). I see before me something, something yet made but could be. Why I am called I do not know, I just see what it can be. I know that this place is mine and with Laval’s help I can bring something important to the city. I leave Ivanna there with instructions on what to do, and we head back north. I like my new inn though, The Journey’s End. Nice.

On the way back north we run into a Beggar on the streets offering prophecy. I flip him a sliver.
He looks at us and says something about shifting too far to the right we will not be able to shift back to the left. Another spider jack goes by.
As we head north through the Brunt not too far from the train station, the fog melts away and it is Day time, midday. How can that be possible? Agnes feels something in her burrow again, as history repeats itself. It is then that Dexter and Maynard say that they cannot feel their burrows anymore. It is as if they don’t exist.

As we get on at the train station, Dexter almost get arrested for mass murder of people in Highgarden. Their seems to be a reward out for him. As we stand on the train, we see the Blackhand approaching, I lean over and summoning the power of my Goddess I make him invisible so that he can escape.
The Blackhand wants to know why we were traveling with a wanted criminal and we all were quite confused. So of course, the Blackhand took us to one of their places in Moral’s Balance. Maynard is not too happy to back here. Again we see the “puppies” and they seem to be laughing at us.
We are lead to the Blackhand integration area. It is a steel hallway with a weird green light that leads to a strange room with a metal table.
The questioner asks us about the murders of the Moorhead family. We express our doubts about Dexter being responsible for this, which of course does not make them happy. It was then that Blackhand integrator pulls out a strange little book and starts flipping through it, asking our names. The books seems have information about us, but it is wrong in odd ways….
The Blackhand thinks:
Agnes is an exotic Dancer
Me a priest of Soulchin
Maynard adventure
Thomas, glass makers guild member
And Michael, or should I say Mr. Pett a member of the Blackhand.
I am don’t know what to make of all this, other than to say we are lost in Vel Scurra. Though I wonder if it is our Vel Scurra.

8/17/2010 - Oh, no, they stole Agnes... You Bastards!

Life in Vel Scurra is never dull. Ever since I found out that I was from Morelance, and found that Morals Balance has a connection to Morlance, I ’ve been eager to check out that part of the city. I convinced my companions to go with me to check it out.

But of course, this is Vel Scurra. Getting to Morals Balance was going to be an adventure itself. As we headed towards Morals Balance, we heard a loud rumble, and the ground opened up in front of us. Agnes and I fell into what appeared to be an abandoned sewer. We were startled, but unharmed. Once the dust settled, we heard a screaming and grinding noise coming from one of the sewer tunnels. As we looked down the tunnel, we saw a large black mass of writhing tentacles rapidly approaching us.

Scurra flew down to help and cringed with disgust when she saw the mass. I moved in to blast it with my newly discovered elemental powers, but I got too close. The black mass had a pink tongue that lashed out and wrapped itself around me, drawing me into the black mass. I tried to break free, but I could not.

The black mass continued to squeeze me, and I could not break free. I could feel my bones cracking, and it seemed like my life was being squeezed out of me. A few seconds later, I saw magical force waves ripple through it’s body, and it dropped me to the flor. I checked myself over, and I was alive but severely injured. Dexter and his creepy pet had come down the hole, and Michael was obviously in battle, because he was covered in spikes.

Dexter opened the malcavas box he found in the dump, and it seemed to have healed Agnes a small amount. Dexter opened the box towards me, and also healed me. For some reason, Dexter tried to heal me and Agnes again, but we both were damaged by the box. We implored to Dexter to please stop playing with the box, and he reluctantly agreed.

Dexter and Agnes argued about whether to explore the sewer. Dexter wanted to continue, but Agnes wanted to climb back out. I was the tiebreaking vote, and I decided we should investigate. We went down to the end of the tunnel and found a ladder leading up to a manhole. We also found a door that looks like it leads to a Malcavas vault. The door has a circular symbol with a V in the middle. On closer inspection, we noticed that the V has a crack on one side. I looked into the crack while wearing my goggles, and it looks like it might have mercurial in the lock.

Michael marked the malcavas vault on the map, and we got out of the sewers via the manhole.

As we entered Morals Balance, the temperature dropped slightly. On many of the buildings, we saw symbols and crystals hanging and clinking together. Trash was lying in the street, as if the dustbin brotherhood hadn’t been here in a while. Dexter’s pet and Agnes’s dog both seemed a bit ill at ease.

As we approached a market place, we noticed that didn’t appear to be very busy. In the middle of the market was a fountain with a black angel blowing a trumpet. Many of the businesses had strange titles: Embalming and body preparation. Graveviews and Arrangements. We also noticed that there was a lot of creepy puppies that watched me everywhere we went.

In the market, we ran into a man with a monkey on his shoulder. The monkey jumped down and did a curtsy in front of Agnes. Vassili is the monkey’s salesman. The monkey’s name was Bianca. He tried to tell us Bianca, but we refused.

One of the puppies smiled and winked at me, so I went up to pet it. As I pet it, it rolls over onto it’s belly and uncurled it’s paws and revealed tiny little human looking fingers. I tried to show the others, but as usual, they think I’m doing drugs again. As soon as Dexter came up, the fingers curled up and it just looked like paws.

We went to talk to a talisman vendor that tried selling us protective talisman. They were obviously not magic, so I doubted their effectiveness.

Suddenly out of nowhere, red sparks filled the air. The sky opened and three men walked out and pointed at me: “There is the blooded one.” A battle insued, and we killed the three men, Dexter took the dagger, and we ran out of morals balance as fast as we could.

As we were leaving the area, we saw a mechanical spider of the black hand heading towards where the battle took place. As soon as we were out of Morals Balance, Agnes realized that someone was using fated abilities to do something in her bourough. Michael suggested that she use the map and her fated ability to scrye on Saffron’s whiskers. While scrying, Agnes saw a huge cockroach lay eggs on the outside of her house.

We rushed back to the train station and ran into a little boy that needed help. Dexter threw him a gold piece, and we took off.

As we arrived at the train station, Dexter won free travel on the train for being the 150th customer that day. The rest of us paid a gold piece.

After we left the train station, We were followed by a crowd that recognized me from when the angel attacked the train station. It would appear that I have a fan club. One of the members of the group is a beautiful woman named Giselle, and she is a blue lady. I convince Giselle to join me and to help me set up a brothel.

We made it to Agnes’ house to kill the cockroaches, and we successfully killed the cockroaches. The bug appeared to not like that because he dumped lots of bugs on us from the sky. They quickly dissipated.

Dexter wanted to claim his part of Vel Scurra, so we were heading to Anish Station. In the street, a prison chain gang was tearing up the street, one of the prisoners called out my name, I found out his name was Yoseph Martini, and he is at Beddington prison. At some point I should go talk to him and found out how he knows me. The Black Hand wouldn’t let me talk to him.

As we made around the corner, The black hand descends in two mechanical spiders and demands Agnes. We reluctantly give Agnes to the Black Hand and they leave.

We reluctantly head to a section of Vel Scurra that Dexter would like to claim as his own and he claimed it.

If life in Vel Scurra stays this hectic, I might need to go back to Morelance to rest…

July 24, 2011 - Dexter Finds His Marbles

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